File Name   (Click to open) Date Added
PDF document 6th & 7th Sunday of Easter.pdf 21/05/2018
PDF document 3rd & 4th Sunday of Easter.pdf 13/04/2018
PDF document Palm Sunday.pdf 28/03/2018
PDF document 4th and 5th Sunday of Lent.pdf 13/03/2018
PDF document 6th Sunday of the Year & 1st Sunday of Lent.pdf 16/02/2018
PDF document 4th & 5th Sunday of the Year.pdf 16/02/2018
PDF document Epiphany & 2nd Sunday of the Year.pdf 11/01/2018
PDF document 1st & 2nd Sunday of Advent.pdf 02/12/2017
PDF document 3rd & 4th Sunday of the Year.pdf 16/11/2017
PDF document 31st and 32nd Sunday of the Year.pdf 10/11/2017

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